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Today Let’s talk about the famous and new startup food chain Xero Degree.

If you are bored with old places then you should try something new this fabulous little cafe named Xero Degree in Hudson Lane, which is a must-visit place for all the foodies.
With a good space for sitting. With a total capacity of around 20-25 people can fit in and have delicious food they are offering. They have a lot of varieties to offer you with a good taste. So here we start to show you some delicious shake and dish of Xero Degree.

We got in and made ourselves comfortable. They have varieties of shakes to choose from, Red velvet, mango shake, blueberry, nutella oreo and so on. These all shake have very delicious taste. They do not use any kind of preservatives. I love all the shakes but their nutella oreo shake have a very good taste and the shake is very thick also. These freaky shakes were amazing. Whereas the red velvet was decent but mango shake stole the show.

Oreo Brown Shake
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We enjoyed it with Peri Peri Fries which were loaded with cheese and mostly mayonnaise. The fries were not that crispy that we were expecting at this price point. Their peri-peri fries are not only so good in apperence, their taste is also amazing.

They have a true love pizza also which is made in heart shape. This pizza have a good taste and it looks beautiful. The Pizza was having thin crust and that was equipped with a good amount of cheese and paneer. The main ingredients used in this pizza are capsicum, paneer and a lot of cheese.

Heart Pizza

Now it was the time that we start talking about the Mini Sliders section from their menu. The presentation was really good and cheese was really dropping out from that platter. With the first bite, we felt the cheese all over our mouth, though it was good the extra cheese was killing the overall taste of the patty inside.

Mini slider Xero Degree

To be really honest, I am biggest lover of pasta but i don’t like any cafe pasta first time i love a white sauce pasta in this cafe. these pasta taste is really awesome and that cheese is still melting in my mouth. Probably you have already started drooling too. Well, it just tastes like it seems loaded with cheese talking about cheese, just look at that cheese pull from that fries that tasted really good. The only thing that disappointed me was the red sauce pasta, when we order the red sauce pasta they don’t have that sizzling red colour and when I tried to taste it, it was not that good and I was getting some overpowering taste of oreganos. I don’t know whether they make their red sauce pasta like that or it was only that hudson lane branch that made that mistake. Apart from that pasta everything we had there was very good the taste the presentation and the ambience everything was upto the mark. So for me the Xero Degrees will get a whooping 4 star.

Xero Degree gives us a Coolers section in their menu. In those coolers they give us various types of coolers and when we tried them. They all were awesome. The most liked coolers in their menu are kiwi mint, watermelon mint and the everyone’s favorite mojito. These drinks not only give us refreshness but it will also take away your tiredness and provides you a very relaxed sensation in your body. It is like a immunity-booster but will also keep you hydrated during the summer. Even when you place any order for the take away them they provide you a very good packaging and glass bottles in that packaging to take them home. Even you can wash and use them again if you want to.

Relax Item Called Cooler

They have a lot of branches in Delhi. Here we share a menu card of Xero Degree with you so that you could enjoy their food with your loved ones, your family & friends.

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