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Today, I am writing about the most famous restaurant in the world. It’s known as Wow Momo. I’m sure everyone is aware of the well-known wow momo and for those who aren’t aware… today they have read my blog and are aware about it . Recently, I went to the Nsp Pacific mall with my colleagues and we saw an outlet of Wow Momo and we thought, let’s test the tasty and yummy fast food right now. I don’t really like this type of food so much, but most of my friends are a momo fanatic and we all know that today’s generation is obsessed with fast food. We can now start with simple menu. Since Wow momo comes in many varieties, including momo that is a burger as well as steamed , Chicken steam momo, pan-fried and corn and cheese, momo that is pan-fried and many more…

Anywhere you go on WOW Momo, you’ll receive a deal from the moment you leave. This offer can be beneficial to you , and you will also receive plenty of choices. Particularly for those who aren’t able to invest all their money in one thing or are not able to afford the full amount like students.

First, i ordered veg steam momo. The price on this one is among the lowest available . This steam momo doesn’t have tasty because the vegetables were not full of steam, but the momo was steamed effectively. Then i try a momo that is fried and this was a delicious in taste. Since it’s cooked properly and her vegetables were also fried , so the cost is well worth it. Also, i want to will make clear to you guys that sauce isn’t as hot as the ones you get from your local or your local restaurant gives you but i think it’s great for you since the more you eat red chillies, you’ll are aware of the dangers it can be. If you think the sauce is spicy, it’s not the case. Sauce is delicious but not spicy. Then I had a taste of an fried pan momo and you can’t resist the taste of it without eating it. It was delicious and delicious every time i contemplate it, my mouth is salivating. At the time I taken a bite of these delicious food they were soft enough to eat, but when I pointed out, they were an amazing taste. For those who are eager to try his spicy momo, so they decided to trying this pan momo. It was so spicy due to the fact that are made with shengwan sauce this. They also have a gravy momo , and it also has a wonderful flavor. The gravy as well. Steam momo has been among my favorite , but I do not like steam momo as often, however the gravy momo is great in flavor.

If you’re wondering, Wow momo provides you with a discount and also the option of combining your order. When I was there, I saw many offers so I ordered a one-plate and on the platter I get the two momo burger. they have a great flavor, and i’m not able to describe how delicious it tastes. I had the pleasure of trying an aforementioned momo burger for the first time and didn’t think of anything more from it but when I devour that burger with every bite, i’m absolutely in love with the burger, they fill up an fried momo, and the momo is fully of fried goodness if I say so. there is nothing missing in this burger and you’ll surely be back for more. In this platter, I received a honey chilli momo as well as a Drajelling Momo. It was an excellent taste in the Drajelling Momo. It was so spicy that you do not require any sauce, and the flavor was amazing. When I go to the restaurant, they hand my this plate for 3 hundred rupees, which includes tax. In this dish, they offer two glasses of coke too. The platter I have chosen can be sufficient for two persons and the price is not too expensive If you choose to order in accordance with his offers.

As I’ve tried every veg momo, but if you are interested in knowing her non-veg momo flavor, visit her store and i’m sure they are tasty in that too. They will serve you food in a non-veg dishes too. If you guys are aware that Wow Momo has created a pacaking momo too. You can purchase these packets, cook or steam the momo at home. In this package, they provide the momo in a complete state, including tissues, forks and sauce too. The momo is steamed and then it was ready for you to enjoy.

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