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Biryani Lover’s be ready to visit on these lovely places.

Biryani is one of the most delicious tastes or, to put it another way, eating a meal that is viewed through the eyes, and then it is then absorbed by the mouth. Everyone knows that Biryani is a variety of types such as Awadhi, Moradabadhi and hyderbadhi and the list goes on and on. And most of you have heard of Biryani from Old Delhi. This is why I am sharing some of the top places to eating biryani. Especially the ready for biryani lovers…


If we discuss Biryani Life, then his rating is close to 4.5 as per my opinion. It was delicious and tasty. The majority of the time, I prefer Biryani whenever I need to try something new and delicious or simple. Biryani is definitely one of my favourite foods. There are only a few days are left to visit this place, they offer lots of biryani varieties and i also tested her biryani. The presentation was good and the taste delicious. They offer an raita and here I tried the Hyderabadi paneer biryani, however customers can choose from three other options to choose from in Biryani such as Hyderabadi veg biryani and hyderabadi biryani with chicken, the Hyderabadi Mutton Biryani. It’s entirely up to you what you’d like to consume.


So the next on the list of my favorites would be Biryani Blues. Biryani Blues is situated at Cannought Place (CP). They have many branches in delhi and in other states too however, i”m traveling in Biryani Blues in CP in Biryani Blues. Biryani Blues is among the top places to eat in CP. Here I tried the Chicken Biryani and an vegetable Biryani along with some chicken 65. I was also had masala shikanji that is served in the form of a bottle. The price is very affordable. The average price for two persons is 700. There are two options available: vegetarian and non-veg. The rice in both Biryani is delicious and as I mentioned, I ordered a boneless chicken Biryani and it was absolutely succulent, making it delicious. The chicken however, at 65 is a bit bland for me, and the shikanji improve my flavor and aid in helping digest food. It’s true because I was able to taste her food, especially Biryani. If you’re in CP you should go to this location.

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Yesterday, I was in a restaurant which was named Behrouz Biryani. In a first time , if you say that you are unsure of what is it, but my opinion, Name shouldn’t be discovered, nor should its flavor, it must be judged on its name. The name will appear on the tongue. I like Biryani and my friends in my group there are people who are the biryani fan. When you’re unable to decide what you want to consume, Biryani is always the best option. It is impossible to go miss when it comes to Biryanis and especially when they are Falafel biryani made by Behrouz. They bring an entirely new meaning to the snubbed vegetable biryanis. The perfect mix of all the spices, that smokey flavor along with perfectly cooked rice and amazing flavoured, cooked vegetables make it impossible to finish the whole meal in one sitting. The perfect blend of vegetables and spices created this Biryani an unforgettable delight to me. It was served with delicious Kebabs that were perfect. Absolutely cooked. Deliciously flavored. Packaging was great and the food arrived in time. The food came with delicious gulabjamun and raita packed in a box. The amount was incredible and enough to feed 2 people.This restaurant is one to experience. It’s true that you cannot go wrong when it comes to Biryanis.


For this location, one of my friends suggested to me to go to this restaurant and try his Biryani. I was thinking that since i have writing about this topic, and I will go to this place as well, and also taste her Biryani. The information I have told, this is true or not. I decided to visit their Rajindernagar. There are a variety of varieties with biryani as well as soup, Indian bread as well as special biryani as well as rumali rolls and more. It’s up to you what you’d like to taste but at this place you can find a variety of non-veg varieties and if you’re a vegetarian and you aren’t keen seeing non-veg food, you shouldn’t go to this restaurant. We will now discuss Biryani and here I order the Lucknowi Biryani because the rice and chicken is cooked perfectly. The bowl is comprised of rice cooked by chicken and gravy that is a little dry, and then poured on top of the rice. Make sure to mix it prior to serving.. The biryaniii is the perfect choice for those who love spice. It is spicy and has a slight flavor. It is an original flavor in comparison to other restaurant. Then, the readers. Do and do take a bite of to order the afgani chicken.. It was amazing. We loved it. It was so juicy smooth, delicious, and creamy.


When you saw her name, it was Dil Pasand biryani How can you not love the name loved by the heart. When i went to Chandi Chowk, and then was in that area and the moment i was hungry too, so I thought that if I made a trip to a Dil Pasand biryani and verify that don’t give the name or is it real, it will surely be a blessing to my heart. The location is close to Jama Masid. We all know, how popular is the food on Chandi Chowk’s streets in Delhi. People come from all over the world will only be able to enjoy walk through the streets of Chandni Chowk, and their famous saying. I had at their chicken biryani and it was among the most delicious biryani that I’ve ever tasted. The cooks the biryani with an achar layer on the top that is then separated when the biryani is cooked and ready for serving. This achar separated is served with a spoonful of the dish of biryani and takes the flavor of the biryani to a whole new level. The perfectly cooked rice is bursting with flavor and the delicious spice coated chicken pieces make the perfect combination of flavours in every bite. The raita served with the biryani is delicious as well. It’s absolutely delicious flavour.

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