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Chandni Chowk Street Food Guy’s Go And Visit On This Delicious Food

Hello, today I am writing a blog on the popular street food , Chandni Chowk. We all know how the food of Chandni Chowk was famous and it has happened to everyone once when we visit Delhi or have lived in Delhi in Delhi, what would us do, if didn’t explore through the streets Chandni Chowk and eat food? Chandi Chowk food is like an”oye hoye Kya Khana hai…So I have visited a lot of locations that are located in Chandni Chowk or truly i claimed that I wasn’t traveling to experience that For this reason, I’ve visited 3-4 times. I have no idea how many calories I could eat in a cookies one day. We’ll start with some delicious yummy food..

1) Giani’s

If you’ve found a comfortable item that is also cool, visit Giani’s shop. The small shop was established at the time of Giani’s. the present day you can visit Chandni Chowk and see how large the shop has grown to. The crowd of people who are there provide an impression of the flavor. Giani’s has many outlets in delhi and outside of delhi as well. I tried their Rabdi Faluda as well and it was a good choice. The cost was Rs.80. These aren’t the best to any kind of paradise during summer and if you are a fan of sweets, then there’s any good thing for you. I also have a conversation with the owner of the shop and they share with me their long journey. They sell Halwa as well in winter, such as gajar ka halwa or Dal ka Halwa.

2) Kake Di Hatti

Kake Di Hatti I’ve seen a lot of talk about this restaurant, so I decided to visit for a visit. The people who were there were not allowed into the kitchen, and her cost was also quite expensive, however there are plenty of options. So I ordered Haryali Paneer naan , which is served with the kulhaad chai. When I make my purchase, I inquire about Sabji and they replied that they offer pickle only and curd. They also have some specialties as well. amritsari Khulche Naan, Kulad Chai, paneer Tikka and on and eventually my naan would arrive and the was so large that it was stunning. It is able to easily feed two people. The naan’s filling was amazing and packed with paneer, and many other ingredients were included. It was delicious. and 240 is the cost for both naan and Chai, and I think it’s sufficient for two people.

chandni chowk

3) Shri Shyam Kanji Corner

As you see the name now , you’ll are aware of the name that is famous is for this store. It’s also a famous location of the chandni chowk. Kanji was very well-known, so I was also trying to digest food as the kanji is an excellent choice to digest food. Kanji wada prices are Rs.30 If you like tart flavors will enjoy it a lot due to the fact that it eats plenty of water.

4) Lotan Chole Kulche

So I visited this spot in the early morning hours and I thought they also have a huge store, but I was wrong one of the owners of Lotan’s Chole Khulchhe was sitting close to the shutters that were closed in the shop, which was selling Chole Khulcha, which had an early crowd in the morning. It was at first that I didn’t know what was going on, but after I took a bite of their chickpeas What was the taste? This doesn’t mean the chickpeas were served in a good manner prior to putting a lot of stuff in it. Later, they served chickpea soup. His flavor is simply that amazing I can’t even describe it in words. It’s an excellent food choice for people who enjoy eating spicy. They offer a three options, and it’s up to you which one you prefer.

chandni chowk

5) Shri Balaji Chaat Bhandar

It’s also a 160 years old store. Can you imagine what the taste was this. They offer a wide range of different chaats that it is impossible to try them all at one. So, i tried her golgappe Ki Chaat and kalwi wada . I attempted for the first time kalwi and was able to hear the name and thought we should try it. Everybody has a spice that are present in Chandni Chowk which is their speciality and adds flavour to the food. The Kalwi wada they added numerous things that this dish was amazing and they prepared my golgappe the chaat. And in the chaat, they added lots of things, like Chana cream, and so on. Both chaat price is Rs.50.

6) Old-Famous Jalebi wala

The shop is located in Chandni Chowk and this shop was established in 1884. The shop is well-known for its delicious and juicy jalebi. The jalebi was made from Desi Ghee and the price of this particular jalebi is Rs.500 kilogram and when they start selling the jalebi, her cost is Rs.2 only . Can you even imagine? haha.. If you like eating sweet and are a jalebi fan, then you should go to this shop and enjoy his sweet and delicious jalebi.

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