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Best dishes for diwali that you can have with your family and as a bachelor too. You can make some of these sweets at home as well, you don’t really need to buy these sweets from the retailers.

As we all know that Diwali around the corner almost, and i hope everyone likes this festival.
This festival brings a different excitement along with it also brings a little bit of chill but it’s totally ok. Everyone busy to buy new clothes, Gifts, home decor items and everyone’s favourite sweets,No festival is complete without sweets. Food plays the biggest role in a festival. So for the same, I have visited some good and tasty recipes here which will help you, especially for those people who prefer to cook at home.

As we all know Diwali preparations start 1 month in advance, everyone in buying a gift for cleaning and some in something else.The festival has a different excitement, everyone meets the family, people who live full, Diwali is such a festival, on this those people also prefer to come here.

This year Diwali will be celebrated on 24th October, 2022 and if you don’t know about that till yet so don’t worry now you will start your preparation for this diwali and make some delicious dishes for your family and you can prepare some snacks also which you can keep and they will last longer than usual. So let’s get started

1) Coconut Barfi Recipe
Coconut Burfi is a very simple sweet dish for diwali festival. This recipe is easy for beginner’s also. Those who don’t know how to make sweets they can easily make this recipe. In this barfi you only need three things coconut, milk and sugar.

coconut barfi

2) Kaju katli
This is a favourite dish that everyone likes on diwali. I think everyone likes to eat kaju katli. kaju katli is also a very simple and delicious dish. For this dish you only need cashews, sugar, ghee.

kaju katli

3) Besan ladoo
This are my favourite sweets Besan ke ladoo. These sweet balls that are mostly made during diwali festivals. This dish are made from gram flour(maida), Sugar, cardamom powder(elachi), nuts and ghee. These all thing were included to make besan ke laddu. So let’s try to make this special sweet dish.

besan ke laddu

4) Malpua recipie
This dish is a very easy dish to make. For this you don’t need to buy any specialized material.
Malpua are generally eaten during Diwali, Navratri, and Holi also. So to make malpua you need sugar syrup, flour, fennel, cardamom powder. This malpua is very delicious in taste and they can also server with rabdi or rabri.


5) Milk powder barfi
This is the most easiest sweet which i can ever make on diwali. I think every beginner can easily make this and this sweet is not only made easily but also takes less time to make so who don’t have time to make sweets and wants to make some sweets by themselves so let’s try this sweet in your kitchen by ourselves this diwali. For this you need milk, sugar and milk powder. It tastes like mawa barfi. This is very soft and of course sweet in taste.

Milk Barfi

6) Coconut Ladoo recipe
So this is also one of my favorite sweet. Coconut ladoo is also a very easy dish to make and it takes only 30 min if you are a beginner or a bachelor on diwali. For this dish you only need sugar, coconut and milk in a small quantity but if you want so you can skip this point. These tastes delicious so I would recommend you guys to try it.

Cocounot Ladoo

7) Shakarpare or Sweet diamond cuts.
This dish take your time but you can make it and a longer time or periods. You can make this sweet with two ingredients only that are salt and sugar, it totally depends on you which method you want to have this sweet dish on this diwali. If you make sweet shakarpare then you need flour, sugar syrup, ghee. But if you want to make namak shakrpare then you need salt, ghee, flour, carom seeds.

Tasty Shakarpare

8) Chocolate Barfi
If left, it is in everyone’s house and everyone knows it because there are tantrums in children’s food. No matter how much you cook, no matter how better you cook, chocolate it’s like a Heaven for children. So this chocolate barfi is specially made for your child that make your child feel special. For this you need chocolate as it’s main ingredient for this and mawa or khoya and cocoa powder. It’s your choice what you want. I think now it’s the favourite dish of your child. So try something different on this diwali for your child.

chocolate barfi

9) Dry fruit ladoo
I think this ladoo is very healthy and tasty dish for your family. This sweet is fully made with nuts. You don’t need any kind of sugar for making this dish and I think this is a speciality of this dish that all age groups can easily eat 1 ladoo in a day that will last longer and you can taste that after diwali too. It’s a festive season and everyone want’s to eat sweets.

Dry fruit Ladoo

10) Rice kheer
This is a very easy and old Indian dish and I think most of the people know about this dish not only for diwali but on small occasions too. Everyone knows that how this dish can be made. For this we only need Rice, sugar, milk. It can be garnished with nuts. It’s your choice if you want your dish to look good then your dish must be garnished. This is a dessert dish that make your festivals special.

Rice Kheer

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